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Notices & Annoucements                               For the Week of: July 15, 2018


WELCOME ALL  VISITORS  We are pleased you have joined us today.  Please sign our guest book and make yourself known.  If you are traveling, we pray that you will have safe travel back home.

NAME TAGS: If you would like one, please see Carol Zager at the Organ.  These tags are free and allow us to remember each other's names.

FREE ITEMS ON CART: Kathy has been cleaning out the cabinets in the Classroom Building and putting items on the cart in the Parish Hall. All items are free – first come/first for the taking. The cart is also available for anyone doing some cleaning at their house as well. Items not taken in several weeks  will be disposed of or recycled.

FAMILIES WITH SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN: Do you know of a family with Special Needs children? The Aledo ISD is having an event on July 30th at 6:00 pm providing information, speakers, etc. about area resources available. Childcare is available; but, must be preregistered. For more information call Glenna Loftin at 817/441-5199 or