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Notices & Annoucements                               For the Week of:  August 11, 2019 


WELCOME ALL  VISITORS  We are pleased you have joined us today.  Please sign our guest book and make yourself known.  If you are traveling, we pray that you will have safe travel back home.

NAME TAGS: If you would like one, please see Carol Zager at the Organ.  These tags are free and allow us to remember each other's names.

TODAY – SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS: Saint Francis Scholarship Applications are due today. The Vestry will review them at their meeting.

TODAY – VESTRY MEETING: The Vestry will gather for their regular monthly meeting in the Parish Hall at 12:15pm.

TODAY – EAGLE COH: At 2:00 pm, Steven Furlow will receive his Eagle Scout award at a special Court of Honor. You are invited to honor Steven for his accomplishment in the Church. A reception will follow.

RANCH HOUSE ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Ranch House Road will be under construction for the next four months as they pour concrete from just past our driveway to just past the Baptist Church. Please consider alternative ways to get to and from the church if you use Ranch House Road to the North.

FREE CART IS FILLING UP: There is a cart in the Parish Hall that anyone is welcome to TAKE AWAY the items FREE. You may also use the cart to GIVE AWAY items you do not want.

PLANNING AHEAD – WOMEN: The Diocesan Church Women will have their Fall Congress on Saturday, September 17th at Saint Andrew's Church in Grand Prairie. Information is on the Bulletin Board.

PLANNING AHEAD – SPECIAL OFFERINGS: The next couple of Sundays, we will be asking for two Special Offerings – one, a Special Offering for the Bishop Coadjutor-elect – to purchase the items of office; and two, a Special Offering for Bishop Iker and Donna as they retire as our Diocesan Bishop after 26 years. Please make checks payable to the church noting the specific offering, or use a pew envelope noting the specific offering.