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Notices & Annoucements                               For the Week of:  June 9, 2019 


WELCOME ALL  VISITORS  We are pleased you have joined us today.  Please sign our guest book and make yourself known.  If you are traveling, we pray that you will have safe travel back home.

NAME TAGS: If you would like one, please see Carol Zager at the Organ.  These tags are free and allow us to remember each others names.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY: Happy Father's Day to all those called father, dad, grandpa, etc. May you have a blessed day today.

BABY BOTTLE FUNDRAISER: The Grace House annual Baby Bottle Campaign concludes today – Father's Day.  If you have a bottle, please return it as soon as possible. Thank you for your support of this ministry.

NEXT SUNDAY – NO BIBLE STUDY: Next Sunday, Father Atwood will be running out immediately after the first service to give an Emergency Training at Saint Andrew's Church in Fort Worth and returning for the second service. As such we will not have a Bible Study next Sunday.

CAMP CRUCIS: Registration is open for Camp Crucis.  Information, registration forms, etc are available on the Diocesan website