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Notices & Annoucements                               For the Week of:  October 13, 2019


WELCOME ALL  VISITORS  We are pleased you have joined us today.  Please sign our guest book and make yourself known.  If you are traveling, we pray that you will have safe travel back home.

NAME TAGS: If you would like one, please see Carol Zager at the Organ.  These tags are free and allow us to remember each other's names.

TODAY   VESTRY MEETING: The Vestry will have its regular monthly meeting today at 12:15 in the Claire House.

THURSDAY   INQUIRER'S CLASS: Do you have a question about what we do or why, then join us Thursday evening at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall for the Inquirer's Class. Everyone is invited, even if you don't ave a question; but, simply what to know more about the church and our worship.

PLANNING AHEAD   DEANERY MEETING: The Western Deanery will have our Pre-Convention Deanery Meeting on Sunday, October 27th at 4:00 pm in Mineral Wells. All are invited.

FROM THE VESTRY   Mike Yarbrough

As I tried to collect my thoughts to construct this message to the members of the parish, I determined that it is difficult to put into words the reasons why I attend and support Saint Francis of Assisi Church.
I think that one of the greatest ways to witness to the world is by going to Church, and supporting the Church's mission and ministry.
As Christians, we are called to do that   to give our support, our services, and our offerings.
God is in our hearts and we need Him, and He needs us to continue His work here.
God bless you.