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Father Jay Atwood's Previous Sermons 2014 
 The Birth of Jesus Christ is Celebrated


 The Sunday after Christmas


 A Different Type of Anticipation


 Rose Sunday - 3rd Sunday of Advent


 Are You Ready fo God's Plan


 The First Sunday of Advent


 Christ the King Sunday


 Preparing for the Day of the Lord


 The Prophet Amos Warns Israel


 Jesus Teaches to the Crowd


 Jesus is Challenged For His Teachings


 Paul Teaches the Need to Rejoice in the Lord


 Isaiah & The Parable of the Vineyard


 A Lesson in Character


 The Story of the Vineyard Owner


 Jesus Teaches Forgiveness


 Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself


 Jesus Asks His Disciples - Who Do You Say I Am


 Jesus Asks His Disciples - Who Do People Say I Am


Being Unfaithful to God's Will


 John the Baptist is Killed


 Jesus Teaches With Parables - The Mustard Seed


 Jesus Teaches With Parables - Sower, Seed & Weeds


 Jesus Teaches With Parables - Sower, Seed & Soil


 The Struggle of Being a Christian     
 The Fifth Sunday of Easter  
 The Feast of the Pentacost   
 Beginning the Season of Pentecost  
 Describe Jesus Christ in One or Two Words    
 Let Not Your Heart be Troubled  
 The Fourth Sunday of Easter  
 Trinty Sunday  
 The Third Sunday of Easter  
 The Second Sunday of Easter     
 The Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus     
 The Cruxificition of Jesus Christ  
 The Story of Lazarus     
 The Sunday of the Passion - Palm Sunday  
 Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind     
 The Story of the Woman from Sumaria  
 The Temptation of Jesus by the Devil     
 Nicodemus Asks Jesus a Question      
 Close Encounter With God     
 Gods Relationship With the Jews     
 The Commandments of God     
 The Gospel According to St. Matthew     
 Feast of the Presentation  
 1st Sunday After the Feast of Epiphany     
 Behold the Lamb of God     
 Jesus Starts His Ministry Picking Disciples     
 The Story of the Wise Men     
 Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ     
 Celebrating A Holy Occasion  
The Fifth Day of Christmas