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Father Jay Atwood's Previous Sermons 2015  
 Father Atwood - The Gospel of John  
 Father Atwood - Christmas Morning  
 Father Atwood - A Christmas Carole  
 Father Atwood - Mary the Mother of Jesus  
 Father Atwood - Rose Sunday - Celebrate Your Relationsip with God  
 Father Atwood - The 2nd Sunday of Advent  
 Father Atwood - The 1st Sunday of Advent  
 Father Atwood - Christ the King Sunday  
 Father Atwood - Is it Easy to be a Christian?  
 Father Atwood - The Tale of Two Widows  
 Father Atwood - All Saints Day  
 Father Atwood - Jesus and The Blind Beggar  
 Father Atwood - The Story of the Rich Young Man  
 Father Atwood - Marriage  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Continues Teaching His Disciples  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Explains Why He's Going to Jerusalem  
 Father Atwood - Who Do Men Say Jesus Is?  
 Father Atwood - Do You Have Temptations?  
 Father Atwood - The Laws of God or the Rules of Man  
 Father Atwood - Understanding Your Relationship  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is the Bread of Life

 Father Atwood - Walking in Faith  
 Father Atwood - Trusting in the Lord  
 Father Atwood - Hardness of Heart


 Father Atwood - The Disciples Return to Jesus

 Father Atwood - Jesus Sends Out His Disciples


 Father Atwood - Jesus Returns Home to Teach

 Father Atwood - The Story of a Desperate Man

 Father Atwood - Do You Know Better Than God

 Father Atwood - Jesus is Teaching the Crowd

 Father Atwood - The Fall of Mankind

 Father Atwood - Focusing on the Trinity

 Father Atwood - Feast of Pentecost

 Father Atwood - Do You Understand the Ascension ofJesus?    

 Father Atwood - What Kind of Love is This?

 Father Atwood - The Story of Phillip & the Ethiopian Eunuch

 Father Atwood - The Gospel According to St. John

 The Gospel According to St. Luke

 Second Sunday in Easter (Doubting Thomas)

 Easter Sunday

 Maundy Thursday

 Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday)

 Jesus Knows the Time has Come

 Rose Sunday in Lent

 The Third Sunday of Lent

 The First Sunday of Lent

 Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration

 Elisha and the Shunammite Woman

 Preaching & Teaching in the Church

 The Gospel According to St. Mark

 Knowing God is a Process

 Jesus Christ Gets Baptized