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Father Jay Atwood's Previous Sermons 2016   
 Father Atwood - Christmas Day  
 Father Atwood - Christmas Eve  
 Father Atwood - The Fourth Sunday of Advent  
 Father Atwood - The Third Sunday of Advent  
 Father Atwood - The Second Sunday of Advent  
 Father Atwood - The First Sunday of Advent  
 Father Atwwod - Christ the King Sunday  
 Father Atwood - Read Scripture with Patience  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Challenged  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Enters Jericho  
 Father Atwood - Comparisons  
 Father Atwood - Doing it Your Way  
 Father Atwood - They Walked in Faith  
 Father Atwood - Increasing Our Faith  
 Father Atwood - The Unrighteous Steward  
 Father Atwood - Finding What You Lost  
 Father Atwood - What Does it Mean to Love  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Asks Questions  
 Father Atwood - The Narrow Door  
 Father Atwood - Enduring Discipline  
 Father Atwood - Walking by Faith & Being a Christian  
 Father Atwood - Walk by Faith  
 Father Atwood - Lord Teach Us to Pray  
 Father Atwood - The Story of Mary & Martha  
 Father Atwood - Does the Bible Pertain to Today?  
 Father Atwood - Living the Christian Faith  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Focused on Jerusalem  
 Father Atwood - Peter's Great Confession  
 Father Atwood - Actions Have Consequences  
 Father Atwood - Bringing the Dead Back to Life  
 Father Atwood - The Roman Centurian  
 Father Atwood - Understanding The Trinity  
 Father Atwood- The Feast of Pentecost  
 Father Atwood - Being One With Jesus  
 Father Atwood - Peace be With You  
 Father Atwood - How are You Going to Choose?  
 Father Atwood - I am the Good Shepard  
 Father Atwood - Walking by Faith Not by Sight  
 Father Atwood - Either You Believe or You Don't Believe  
 Father Atwood - Celebrating an Event That Changed the World!  
 Bishop Icker - Palm Sunday  
 Father Atwood - Palm Sunday  
 Father Atwood - Is Lenten Discipline Hard?  
 Father Atwood - Temptation Takes a Lot of Forms  
 Father Atwood - The Temptation of Jesus  
 Father Atwood - The Sunday Before Lent  
 Father Atwood - What Do You Expect From Scripture?  
 Father Atwood - How Do We Approach Scripture?  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Performs His First Miracle  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Baptisted  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Growing Up as a Child