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Father Jay Atwood's Previous Sermons 2017  
 Father Atwood - The Law Versus Grace  
 Father Atwood - My Favorite Service  
 Father Atwood - We Gather to Celebrate a New Born King  
 Father Atwood - The Story of the Annunciation  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Coming, Be Ready!  
 Father Atwood - A Voice Crying in the Wilderness  
 Father Atwood - When the Son of Man Comes Again  
 Father Atwood - The Last Day of the Christian Church Year  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Gives God's Law  
 Father Atwood - Jesuus Continues to be Challenged  
 Father Atwood - A King and a Wedding  
 Father Atwood - Jesus' Authority is Challenged  
 Father Atwood - By What Authority  
 Father Atwood - The Kingdom of Heaven is Like...  
 Father Atwood - Anger & Wrath  
 Father Atwood - Become a Living Sacrifice  
 Father Atwood - Conforming to the World  
 Father Atwood - Peter's Confession  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Goes to No-Mans Land  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Walks on Water  
 Father Atwood - The Feast of Transfiguration  
 Father Atwood - Solomon Asks God for Wisdom  
 Father Atwood - Man is Not to Do the Weeding  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Teaches in Parables   
 Father Atwood - I See it in My Mind     
 Father Atwood - Pointing Fingers  
 Father Atwood - Wolves & Doves  
 Father Atwood - The Harvest is Plentiful - But the Laborers are Few  
 Father Atwood - Trinity Sunday  
 Father Atwood - The Feast of Pentecost  
 Father Atwood - The Feast of the Ascension  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Questioned by His Disciples  
 Father Atwood - Good Shepard Sunday  
 Father Atwood - A Resurrection Story  
 Father Atwood - The Story of Doubting Thomas  
 Father Atwood - Easter Service  
 Father Atwood - Lazarus is Raised from the Dead  
 Father Atwood - The Story of the Man Born Blind  
 Father Atwood -  The Third Sunday of Lent  
 Father Atwood - Preparing for the Paschal Feast  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Goes in the Wilderness  
 Bishop Iker - The First Day of the Week  
 Father Atwood - Striving to be Perfect  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Continues the Sermon on the Mount  
 Father Atwood - Thou Shall Not Kill  
 Father Atwood - You Are the Salt of the Earth  
 Father Atwood - Is Not Following Jesus a Folly?  
 Father Atwood - Repent the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand  
 Father Atwood - The Lamb of God  
 Father Atwood - The Baptism of Our Lord  
 Father Atwood - Feast of the Holy Name