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Father Jay Atwood's Previous Sermons 2018

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 Father Maneikis - The Last Gospel  
 Father Atwood - Christmas Day  
 Father Atwood - Christmas Eve  
 Father Atwood - Talking about Mary  
 Father Atwood - Rejoice! in God!  
 Father Atwood - Paul writing to the Philippians  
 Father Atwood - Happy New Church Year  
 Father Atwwod - Christ the King  
 Father Shepard - The Impact of Jesus  
 Father Atwood - Jesus reaches Jerusalem  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Questioned Again  
 Father Atwood - Jesus and the Blind Beggar  
 Father Atwood - The Sons of Zebedee Ask a Question of Jesus  
 Father Atwood - A Weathly Young Man comes to Jesus  
 Father Shepard - Holy Matrimony  
 Father Atwood - The Jews are Complaining  
 Father Shepard - The Book of Wisdom  
 Father Atwood - Do You Listen to God  
 Father Atwood - Everything Comes From God  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Tested  
 Father Atwood - Joshua Makes a Covenant With God  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Followed  
 Father Atwood - You Have to Sing On  
 Father Atwood - The Israelites Gripe and Complain  
 Father Atwood - Elijah Goes Up  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Feeds the Masses  
 Father Atwood - God's Plumb Line  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Goes Home  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Save a Dead Girl  
 Father Atwood - My Favorite Readings  
 Father Atwood - God's Kingdom  
 Father Atwood - The Original Sin  
 Father Atwood - No Work on the Sabbath  
 Father Atwood - Trinity Sunday  
 Father Maneikis - The High Priest Prayer  
 Father Atwood - The Four Letter Word - Love  
 Father Atwood - Philip & the Suffering Servant  
 Father Atwood - Good Shepherd Sunday  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Appears to the Disciples  
 Father Atwood - Jesus has Risen  
 Father Atwood - Easter Morning  
 Father Atwood - Palm Sunday  
 Father Atwood - We Want to See Jesus  
 Father Atwood - God Loves Us Anyway!  
 Father Atwood - Do You Live into Your Faith?  
 Father Atwood - Paul's Do Wop Do Wop Sermon  
 Father Atwood - Abraham & Issac  
 Father Atwood - We Start the Season of Lent


 Father Atwood - The Last Sunday of Epiphany  
 Father Atwood - Scout Sunday  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Teaches with Authority  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Finds His Disciples  
 Father Atwood - The Lord Calls on Samuel  
Father Atwood - First Sunday of Epiphany