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Intercessions & Thanksgivings                        For the Week of October 13, 2019 

Please remember in your prayers this week:

The MISSION AND MINISTRY of the Anglican Communion: the Church of England; the Anglican Province of South America; the Province of West Africa; the Diocese of Northern Malawi; the Anglican Church in North America; the Diocese of Fort Worth, remembering this week, St. Mark's Church in Arlington; this parish; and the Christian community throughout Parker County, remembering this week, Oak Ridge Church of Christ. We continue to lift up those being persecuted for their faith around the world.

Those seeking PEACE IN THE WORLD: especially the leaders and people of the Middle East, Israel, Afghanistan, Mexico, Korea, Hong Kong, & Europe    

Those serving in the ARMED FORCES, especially Matthew, Brooks, Allie, Adam, Travis, Alexander, Josh, Steve, Jacob, Robert, and remembering this week, those serving in the Navy.   

Those who are FIRST RESPONDERS, especially Jason, Tony, Angela, Brett, Aaron, Hugh, Kevin, Josh, Joey, Richard, Robert, Rodney, Montana, Zach, and remembering this week, the personnel of Hudson Oaks Police Department.   

THANKSGIVINGS: for answered prayers, safe travel, the birth of Saoirse Pax, great granddaughter to Nancy Romanine; excellent health reports for Deacon Carol & Paula Larkin,     

Those with Birthdays and Anniversaries: John Peterson, Mary Jane Wooten,   
Those in need of HEALING: Kandra, Bill, Christa, Stanley, Jim, Marilyn, Donna, Ellen, Chris, Susie, David, Art, Tenesha, Ginger, Patti, Paula, Al, Joey, Carroll, Jean, Carolyn, Kelley, Kevin, Mac, Don, Eric, Sara, Jordan, Jesse, Denise, Lynn, Doreen, Cruz, Kristi, Roger, Douglas, Cynthia, Bud, Terry, Tammy, Bonnie, Gary, Ally, Debbie, Maureen, Susan, Elva, Carleen, Brenda, John, Cecilia, Cheryl,     
Those with SPECIAL NEEDS: Ismael, Tyler, Dick, Becky, Sara, Stan, Peggy, Kendall, Lawrence; Linda, Erin, Eric, Rita, Greg, Janet; the Nurgos, Grimes, Hansen, Livesey, Mendosa, Morton, Miller, & Savidge families; the Collingsworth, Davis, Fuller, Martin, & Murphy families; and for the staff & teachers at Aledo ISD.
Those TRAVELING: Tim, Janet, Rick, Ronald, Steve, Kevin, Julie, Dennis & Lynette, John, Gail & Ralph, Walt & Cathy, Lynn & Phillip, Karen, Mikela & Todd, Mike & Linda, the Rousseau family,      

Those DEPARTED:  J.C. Marie, Sulynn, Kim,      
 Prayer request forms are located on the literature table in the Narthex. Your request will be included in this list for 30 days. All prayer requests may be resubmitted if desired. Emergencies should be called in to the church office 817-441-9156.