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I’m sure, if Jesus was standing at the back door of the church and asked if He could come with you, you would be proud and happy to take Him anywhere you were going.

You would buy Him lunch, or take Him to the movies without even giving it a second thought.

This year for Lent, that is just what we want to encourage you to do!

Instead of putting random coins or spare change into a box, each week we will provide an envelope with one of our mission outreach partners written on the front. We will also provide a sheet with a suggested activity which you can share your time with Jesus. You, or you and your family can enjoy the activity and put the money it would cost to take Jesus with you in the envelope.

The Sunday School is making a giant Mite Box, which will be at the back of the church every Sunday. Place the envelope from the previous week into the box as you come into church.

Each week, new envelopes and activity sheets will be made available in Sunday School and on the table in the Narthex.

The activities will also be posted on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall.  

The First Week of Lent. Click Here.